Lust & Dread
Have failed to prosper
(Scarring, my dearest,
Does wonders for the Soul)

Snakes & Arrows
Challenge bravely the meter of my heart

A note unstruck!

Their wickedness & weaponry fall powerless at my feet

Pink lotus petals abound!

{One-Beat Pause}

Burning orchards,
Crumbling stone;
Here lies Banaras en ruin;

But eye shall not relent

{Two-Beat Pause}

En Strength and Beauty,
Eye shall sit

& behold the Creation
& Destruction of many Worlds

Eye shall sit beneath the bough of this Tree

Eye shall sit
& not be moved

Tho’ matter becomes mind &
Water is drawn from the skins of tyme

{One-Beat Pause}


Eye shall sit w/ my back firm
Against this trunk

Eye shall not Dance – as you know dancing to be
Eye shall not Stir

Eye shall not Flow
(Ento the Ganges)
B’fore my coronation occurs

Earth, present,
Bear witness

Eye repeat:

En Strength & Beauty,
Eye shall sit
& not be moved

{One-Beat Pause}

A million particles of Light,
Eye shall radiate

& bath, en gold, Parisian beggar
& Spanish mountain alike

My path, Angels – The Dawn shall be
Its end & beginning

[His Brilliant Red Crest Facing East,
The Cock En Question Scratches The Clay Beneath His Feet
And Proudly Crows,

Eye am thru with Hell
Eye am thru with the routines of Madness

Enough! Enough of crack’d lips
Enough of bleeding sores beneath the tongue

And licking the roof my mouth,
Tasting metal

Eye am thru with Deformities of the Soul
Eye am thru with Damnation

Enough! Enough of my arms bound to the Post
Enough of brown, ragged flesh
Barely, just barely
Clinging to bone

Enough of Torture
Ill-defined and poorly executed, NOT

By Powers (Earthly or Cosmic) bent upon mutilation;

By ME.]

© LogosVox 2012

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