.   .   .   .   as we prepare 2 mourn its passing We have made great strides, you and eye And have outgrown the glamour and glitz Of ev’ry garish bauble this mud province has to offer So now, Standing at the dawn of Surya’s luminous trove, What we desperately need is a poverty of the […]

(Xcerpt from) A Christmas Rose

The birthing stool splinters Beneath the weight of her belly Lo! A Rose en Wynter shivers And from Her thorny hips A Light crowns A Light naked Not yet clothed en glory Not yet Emmanu-el Lo! A Rose en Wynter opens And from Her thorny hips A Light cries aloud And shatters the Nite’s hoary […]

A Hymn of Light & Resurrection

These dayes need not be dayes of darkness              dayes that smite asunder The heads of pale blue Roses So let us behold Ourselves, The Other, and the World with new eyes Let us seed the Estates of  Saint Lucia Let us hit the mark & create the Cosmos anew Let us behold what is Divine […]


.   .   .  in light of remarks made by ESPN columnist Rob Parker Dusky Sons & Daughters of Amistad Dusky Sons & Daughters of Douglass, Truth, Toussaint, & Hughes Alas, the Fight & Anguish of your Slave kin Has been for naught Your sovereignty Your faculties of thought Are shackled still Dusky Sons & Daughters […]


Lust & Dread Have failed to prosper (Scarring, my dearest, Does wonders for the Soul) Snakes & Arrows Challenge bravely the meter of my heart A note unstruck! Their wickedness & weaponry fall powerless at my feet Pink lotus petals abound! {One-Beat Pause} Burning orchards, Crumbling stone; Here lies Banaras en ruin; But eye shall […]

The Next Rabbit Hole

The Mead Drinker drinks. He drinks with the Goddess Saga secretly at her sunken bench. He drinks, gets drunk, disorients his senses and, if he is fortunate, is granted an audience with the Stars; namely, the resident Energies of the darkly lit Collective Unconscious. His existence is a tragic one as he is forever subject […]

The Fulcrum Hymn

From the middle path, do not stray Tho’ the array of torches that ordinarily encompass you dim Burn, boy, burn! Burn & keep 2 the center Burn & be the fulcrum Burn & the balance preserve Burn & be the bless-ed brow that shines en the dark Burn & these things en heaven & earth […]