.   .   .  in light of remarks made by ESPN columnist Rob Parker
Dusky Sons & Daughters of Amistad
Dusky Sons & Daughters of Douglass, Truth,
Toussaint, & Hughes

Alas, the Fight & Anguish of your Slave kin
Has been for naught

Your sovereignty
Your faculties of thought
Are shackled still

Dusky Sons & Daughters of  Dixie
Your political lot, post American century,
Is a curious one

En this land of the Free
& home of the Brave,
You are not permitted Free Thought
You are not permitted to think for yourselves

Individuality – its prestige, privileges, & pow’rs
Have been set purposefully beyond your reach

Darkest of  Ironies!
You are the Donkey’s pet

His bray, your call & creed
A most rancid fare for the Soul yet

A fare fed & a fare you swallow
Without a single shot fired

Without protest

The Creed

Submit, if ya know what’s good for ya!
Submit to the mindset of the herd

And Root out any who stray from the path ordained safe & suitable
For Colored travel
And Stone all who betray its plantation purity;

Those who would question the strict, obvious ties that bind
Race to Party, Race to Class, Race to Shame,
& Race to Thought

© LogosVox 2012

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