The Next Rabbit Hole

The Mead Drinker drinks. He drinks with the Goddess Saga secretly at her sunken bench. He drinks, gets drunk, disorients his senses and, if he is fortunate, is granted an audience with the Stars; namely, the resident Energies of the darkly lit Collective Unconscious. His existence is a tragic one as he is forever subject to their capricious temperament. They may choose on any given day to bestow upon him lyrical boons, visions, and wisdom worthy of Asgard or they may choose to rebuff his advances and withhold their gifts, leaving his heart and quill lifeless and cold. The Herder herds; he is the “Smasher of the Enclosure [or Obstacle]. He is the “Opener of The Way” and it is along this way, this path, that he guides the aforementioned Stars. Once hidden in the Collective Unconscious, these Energies follow the music of The Herder’s staff into a province of light, wakefulness, and recognition; namely, the Conscious Mind – HIS Conscious Mind – wherein The Herder freely and openly wields these Energies via inspired reason and creative logic. Foregoing the need for and use of intoxication, The Herder’s heart and quill are never cold and lifeless but are always fervent and fierce. One with The Divine, he fathoms deeply and truly the Upanishadic expression, Tat Tvam Asi.

© LogosVox 2012

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