The Helen Suite

I Amongst The Ruins Once the unbridled envy of Realms near and far, The ramparts of Sparta Are now Mere bronze age walls Walls bleak with soot And crumbling Walls surrounded By lemon groves unattended And overgrown {One-Beat Pause} En the aire of this storied place Dregs of memory beckon us To an ancient altar   […]

A Hymn 2 the Seeker

En darkness & En ignorance, Let the bullets fly Let their murmurs placate the sufferings of Perdition Let their cries permeate, then shatter the City of Dis Verily, ye need not travel that way ev’r again Verily, ye need not be counted amongst the Dead As thou wert born 4 mightier things Neither sustenance Nor […]


Carefully hidden beneath the cedar, My ledger is found Whereby the darkest of my dayes Is present And eye do not meet it well-armed Alas! My Father’s sword is not snug against my hip No Poetry here (en this terrible place) No Love No Light No Grace Only the beginning of the End {Two-Beat Pause} […]

Rama Prelude № 1

Eye want spiritual orgies, Son! (At my coronation) Eye want to wear the crown of my Uncles And brandish the bow of the Grigori Eye want Gods and Goddesses (At my palace door) Eye want Mountains and Seas and Deserts Eye want to draw lightning from the skyes And give birth to a meeting of […]


A Latin maid fair W/ eyes 2 drink & beauty 2 spare Her lips part (w/ great tenderness) Hark! She speaks (w/ much joye) & the World, 4 those w/ ears 2 hear, STOPS! © LogosVox 2013