That which would temper your soul
             which would keep u, sustain u, is
That which THEY* surmise is unfit 2 tell u

It is anathema
It is ruin (2 the Enemies of Man)

It is THEIR Dharmakshetra
It is THEIR Palace at Babylon

           THEIR Flash o’ Reckoning
           THEIR Unmitigated Doom

It is

En the purple dawn
Of ev’ry fleeting moment
Of ev’ry bless-ed daye

[The Goddess Lakshmi’s 1st Aside.]
Notwithstanding life’s rapture.
Notwithstanding the heartbreak of its enduring wheel.

U are an honorable being
Worthy of Grace
Worthy of All-Praises

              an honorable being
Humble enough & human enough
2 cradle, en bridal palms stained darkly w/ henna, The Absolute
W/ as much ease as Yashoda did Krishna

[The Goddess Lakshmi’s 2nd Aside.]
. . . & Mariam did Christ.

{A Negro Church Tambourine Twice Against The Thigh Of A Thick Hindu Aunty}

U, my belov-ed, are a Son of Man
                                        a slip of the righteous tongue

                                              a Dravidian childe of the ivy trellis
                                              a shameless Daughter of the Sacred Fig

U, my belov-ed, are what u are
En the darkest eve

That is 2 say,

U are Vishnu’s supreme compassion
& charitable might

A creature transcendent
A transcendent ray of Light

*The Material Powers That Be

© The Herder 20Nineteen

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