A Song of the Sex Divine

From the moonlit depths of her sorrowful eyes,
He drinks the Light of an etheric River

Her pink lips are his sacrament
Her ravishing hips are his tabernacle
Her Womanhood, his altar

Heav’n & Hell; Earth & Sea,
They take their leave

As he takes her,
               eats her,
& revels sumptuously
En the rites of the flesh


Whereby a flight of Angels climbs,
Voices lifted / Gold horns on display

{One-Beat Pause}

W/ feverish note, they sing
As the Lovers play,

Here! lies the Sanctified
Here! lies the Uncommon Light
Shining thru

Here! lies the Whirlwind
                       the Elemental Court

                       the Pure Land

                       the Way uncharted
                       the Way w/ en

                       the Way forth

© The Herder 20Nineteen

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