At the Foot of Vishnu

If we are 2 believe the daily post
     believe the nihilistic blue byrds
And their destructive, Life-negating chirps

Then we have chosen
And, alas, chosen poorly

    chosen 2 exalt our beastly natures
And bring 2 heel our fairest Angels

Lest we glimpse our blood-stained shackles
Lest we count our bags of gold and yearn 4 more
Lest the weight of guilt, already too burdensome,
Sinks our ferryboat b’fore it reaches yonder Garten upon yonder shore


We have chosen dissonance o’er harmony
          fear o’er understanding
          rage o’er clarity and
    spiritual contraction o’er expansion

We wage war against our own Self-interest
       against the Supreme Goal
Of the Great Work as it was promised
On a tablet of emerald stone

We wage war against Transcendence

Share after share
Screen after screen
By the pettiest of gods
And smallest of kings

Content are we w/ the red-carpet charade
Preening 4 cameras while pretending 2 care

We refuse 2 take back the opposites,
End this existential suffering, and
Bathe en the mouth of the Ganges


A Repugnant upheaval suits the aire
Of this present age

An age of rust
That man must bear
If he is 2 reclaim
The Divine’s trust

An age soul deep
En groupthink
And collective misery

Telling u how things are gonna be
      how 2 flow and
      how 2 blink
And from whose bowl u should drink

Deprived of discernment
         of TRUE, defiant ink
And EARNEST Revolutionary zeal

[The Politician’s Aside.]
Ev’ry moment of pain is precious, political capital.
   . . . . moments we are wise 2 seize and exploit.

Nev’r mind the body bags.
Nev’r mind those illiterate Negroes bleeding en Chi-Town alleys.

Nev’r mind the coyōt en the Mexican desert.
Nev’r mind all those brown girls en creeper vans.
Nev’r mind all the dead fags.

[An Advisor’s Aside Within The Politician’s Aside.]
We can always wash our hands!

Hey, they are what they are
And they are
The worst by far.

We choose 2 not pierce the pleasurable haze of ignorance
And behold the ADVERSARY w/en

They know this and
They know we are broken

We are festering
We are sick

Is all-too-willing, all-too-quick
2 feed the disease by any means

[A Pundit’s Aside Within An Advisor’s Aside.]
Their nappy heads are so dead;
Their skins they have nev’r shed.

They think so slowly and
Their spiritual caliber is notorious 4 giving way.

That’s what the tea leaves tell us.
That’s what they say
When they sway to-and-fro.

What have we chosen, then?
We have chosen 2 make this world
A desert of our own design

Thin on deeds thoughtful and words kind
Thin on Love 4 one’s Self and
         Love 4 the Other

Tho’ A-bombs fall
And rats run 4 cover

This damnation is where we are
And where we are bound 2 stay

Unless we turn inward
And, from there, open a 3rd way
As it was opened at the foot of Vishnu
En the long, long ago

B’fore Hare presided o’er the cool of Nite
And Dragon the fervor of Daye

 © The Herder 20Eighteen

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