Lines of division, ignorance, and hate
Olde lines, crooked lines (long thought dead and buried)

Festering lines drawn anew w/ fresh ink
Lines 4 which despots clandestinely issue a call most venal

A call

2 strike at the soul of Edin
2 strike at the heart of the People

[The Folk Aside.]

The way we feel
The way we love

The way we connect
The way we think


It is a call 2 open psychic and social wounds (once thought closed)
It is a call 2 drink from a poisonous cup (once thought well disposed)

It is a call 4 the philistine
And cowardly 2 take aim

Regardless of torment
Regardless of shame

It is a call 2 despair
It is a call 2 war

War b’tween the Sexes
War b’tween the Races
War b’tween the Creeds

War b’tween the Angels en Heav’n
War b’tween the Lyons and the Jackals en a sea of reeds

War / bound 2 devour the famished
War / bound 2 engulf the blind en darkness
War / bound 2 bleed the well

War / bound 2 lay upon the eyes of Helios
The o’ercast stitch of a deathly pall

War / bound 2 ruin ev’rything we hold sacred
War / bound 2 be the ruin of us all

© The Herder 2016

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