Mater (Refitted 4 Twenty-Sixteen)

Most confident –
Eye set sail bravely upon cosmic oceans,
Splash mud puddles,
& conquer distant starry skies

My world (the world shining brightly at her feet) is a world of untold possibilities
A world populated w/ painted ponies & bowls of porridge
A world brimming w/ ballrooms, beanstalks, & gingerbread men

Eye am innocence, eye am faith, & eye am a promise
Eye am restlessness & (of Love) eye am always en need

But, eye fret not
As eye am never stricken w/ pangs of want

Ya see,
Her every gesture / Her every touch / Her every thoughtful deed
Sings 2 me w/ words holy, considerate, & sincere

Words w/ out sharp edges
Words w/ out fear

Soft! My dearest speaks
Soft! She is here

Eye am a Beauty w/ out  rival. Eye am Grace. Eye am Consolation.
Eye am a Light that shines en the Dark.
Eye am the Rain that falls upon paupers & kings alike.

Eye am Wisdom. Eye am Patience. Eye am the Perfect Stone.
Eye am Lioness & Queen!

Eye am All-Things & Everything
U should ever need.

Eye am a butterfly kiss
On the lips of every child.

Eye am Love w/ out measure.
Eye am Power w/ out equal.

Eye am Paradox.
Eye am Sacrifice.

Eye am Mother!
Eye am Life.

© The Herder 2016

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