Rebirth (A Spiritual Pop Song 4 Twenty-Fifteen)

2 be reborn
Ento the finer Life

Not a life of baubles, trinkets, & gold-leaf rings
But a quiet Life closer 2 the Hearth,
The Dam of AllThings

A life fine like gossamer
A life splitting like the crow of a cockerel coming

Ento his
Tempestuous own


2 breathe the purple aire
En that place the Ordinary
Does not dare


2 sing loudly, clearly
En a voice lifted by wings

2 be rid of compulsions
2 be rid of strings

2 be guided by the glow of enterior stars
& travel under the cloud of one’s own steam

{Two-Beat Pause}

2 stand nude on Mama’s porch
As dawn breaks & blue lotuses open

2 Love w/out distinction
& 4give w/out limit

Unswayed by
That Which Is Not

2 be reborn
Ento the finer Life

Why else would one 4go the armor of athousand Fathers
& leave the heart vulnerable 2 attack?

Why else would one shed the skin & silk of athousand Mothers
& resign one’s ego to the mirror’s candid glower?

Scars, weak spots, dull eyes, tremulous hands, & dead flowers

Why else would one brave
A bitter, guilt-ridden sea of private shadows?

Why else would one sing a plaintive aria
Knowingly off-key?

Why else,

© LogosVox 2015

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