What If? (Pts. 1&2 of 4)


Once admired,
Even fiercely adored

Their balefyre of hope
(At present a prophet of doom)
Is rolled out

Standing atop his broken dais,
He is true 2 form

2 the letter of the ghost script, he sticks!
And does as he is told

Ev’ry bat of the eye
Ev’ry contortion of the jaw

Ev’ry shrug
Ev’ry sanctimonious facial tic


So it is,
Eye see

They have doubled their efforts
2 enfect a war weary populace
W/ (even more) mistrust, anxiety, and fear

Fear of being too big
Fear of not being big enough

Fear of speaking plainly
Fear of thinking simply

Fear of virtue
Fear of picket fences

Fear of Martha (marveling upon a stone rolled away)
Fear of Mary’s jar (a gift 4 the gardener and groom)

Fear of giving too much
And keeping too little

Fear of gain
Fear of loss

Fear of the dewdrop en the rose

Fear of the tares
Fear of the dross

Fear of sex
Fear of marriage

Fear of the plough
Fear of the blues

Fear of Osiris
Fear of the pearls en his girdle
Fear of his fuse

Fear of a meaningful catechism
Fear of water being drawn

Fear of stars
Fear of cars

Of the strangest fruit

© LogosVox 2014

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