Thou Shalt Love

We all appear so grand
Amidst the game

We use the right words
We attend the right schools
We drop the right names (the heaviest of the heaviest hitters)
And suffer the right fools

We shop at the right markets
We drink the right libations
We eat from the right plates
And use the right silver

We obsess over the right fetishes
We live on the right boulevards
And keep up w/ the right Joneses

We dream the right dreams
We endure the right nightmares
And scream the right screams

We travel en the right lanes
And cast our ballots 4 the right hustler
W/ the least amount of shame

We pray 2 the right gods
We scorn the right idols
And are attracted 2 the right demons

Yet all the khakis and starched whyte collars will not save us
When love is forsaken

When the bombs fall and
The giants of concrete and steel lie en ruin

These iniquities,
The iniquities of the world,
Are yours 2 skin alive and mine

All the filth (flowing en the sewers)
All the slime

Ev’ry act of pettiness
Ev’ry dark, malignant deed
And vengeful slight en kind

Ev’ry cyanide cocktail
Ev’ry war of nations

All the makings of a good pelt and rich soil.

So let us not cheat ourselves (rob . . . ourselves of glory!)
So let us not shrink, like a row of violets, from our dharmic charge

When what we need 2 do
Is take our seats beneath a bough of figs,
Touch the spine of the earth, and not be moved

{One-Beat Pause}

Our ragged flesh nailed 2 the Cross,
We need 2 madly swing from the World Tree
And sip slowly the wisdom of poetic wine from the Cups of Sages

Verily, we need 2 burn until all the filth
And all the slime falls away,

Transformed, at once, ento the rays of a light most uncommon

So let us not revel en the ego’s customary role
So let us not get it en our heads – the ego’s exhausted refrain

Woe is my life –
Its struggle as bountiful as the rain!

So let us not be placated by the ease w/ which it carries out its duties

Fret not,
The shepherd is here 2 do all the heavy lifting –
His broken body will serve nicely as raft and redeemer.

So let us not be placated . . .
As this is NOT our destiny
As this is NOT a fitting narrative 4 beings such as we,

Lungfish primed 4 an evolutionary jump!

Lungfish who have shelved their olde song books
And set flame 2 their ratty clogs

Whereby the alchemical heartbeat
Grows stronger w/ each passing dusk and dawn

[A Hierophant, His Herder Green Skin Cassock Draped,
Strikes A Large Wine Kettle Drum Thrice W/ His Taped Fist,

Its Message Resonates Unmistakably
Thru Ev’ry Line Of Creation –

Thou Shalt Endure!
{One-Beat Pause}
Thou Shalt Endure And Conquer!
{One-Beat Pause}
Thou Shalt Endure And Conquer And Love!]

© LogosVox 2014

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