What If? / Prologue

Their voices clear
Their presuppositions, strong & persuasive

So much so, eye consider the argument of the Realists
And its journalistic appeal

Put away the tripe!
Put away these enfantile notions,
Your dreams crowding the nite
W/ star-fill’d oceans & elephants trampling skyes underfoot

You wore the cynic’s coat once
(You looked good en it too!)

Why not wear it now?
Why not button the collar
& travel darker 2 appear deeper?

Embrace the mediocrity o’ the times,
We beseech you (we really do),
& suppress your soul’s need 2 holler

Put away your rice bowl
(4 grace, the world does not hunger)

Put away your mala & reeds of sandalwood
(The world has it en 4 itself)

Nev’r again will it find its way 2 the Well
Nev’r again will it stoop so low
Nev’r again will it thirst 4 love

This is the very argument eye consider &
This is the very argument eye unabashedly reject

No dread paid 2 the left flank of shades
(Swords drawn, helms down!)

Ah, my counter 2 the case laid out b’fore me

Eye’m afraid we’ll need more than a fresh coat of paint,
A spotless sail w/ gilded seams, & a sturdy new mast
If we are going 2 find our way back 2 the Well

Eye’m afraid we’ll haveta be brazen
Eye’m afraid we’ll haveta do ALL the heavy lifting
2 break the spell of scarcity’s dogma

Eye’m afraid we’ll haveta be unthought &
Postulate a WHAT IF?

So, atop Love’s throne,
Eye will hold my own &
Count one hundred, eight lotus beads

& as the olde ways have grown olde & cease 2 serve us well,
Eye will seat at the Rajah’s table new verses, new metaphors,
New apologetics, & new gods

So, get ready 2 stoop

Get ready 2 see Brahman en the eyes of your Brothers
Get ready 2 taste Ambro-sia on the lips of your Wives &
On the rosy cheeks of your Sisters & Mothers

Get ready 2 channel the radiance of
Ev’ry Dharma Saint & Christian Angel

Get ready 2 hold your own

© LogosVox 2014

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