The Laws of Scarcity and Abundance Revisited

Upon perusing the news at home and abroad these past few months, one cannot help but feel disheartened. It appears the Grand Machine of ten thousand crises which holds us captive and demands from us its pound of flesh quarterly is presently ramped up and unwaveringly in pursuit of its chief objective; namely to indoctrinate us all from stem to stern with its soul scarring, fear mongering, and debilitating  Law of Scarcity.

It is a law that, if agreed upon wholeheartedly by an unsuspecting society, forms socioeconomic classes with the obligatory barriers in an atmosphere of jealously, suspicion, and anxiety. It is a law that afflicts a populace with strife and creates shortages (real and illusory) in sustenance, love, freedom, and power; whereby creating class warfare, pitting man against woman, gay against straight, neighbor against neighbor, race against race, nation against nation, and temple against temple. The nature of this law divulges clearly the Grand Machine’s terrifying vision; namely, a world in which a person’s value is based upon his or her willingness to be a subservient revenue stream and fodder for sadistic experiments in psychic modification (or Steps to Building a Better Slave).

Unfortunately, the Grand Machine has its meat hooks in us all. We have all suffered in vain. We have all been damaged. We have all been civilised and we possess the neuroses to prove it.Dissociated from our deepest selves, we have been refashioned in the Grand Machine’s cruel, bleak image and our souls steeped in its Life crushing philosophy of misanthropy and self-loathing.

Fortunately, it is not too late for us to individually reject the Law of Scarcity with the full breadth of our being, and reap the kingdom here and now, Nirvana amidst the cutthroat dance of Samsara. Indeed, we may still align our souls with The Law of the Transcendent, the Eternal, and the Divine: God’s law, if you will. This law is the Law of Abundance, abundance in All-Things material, sensual, and spiritual. It champions Life and seeks a dynamic balance within every heart. In direct opposition to the ways of the Grand Machine, it pines for every soul to have ample powers and opportunities to experience the mysteries of this cutthroat existence, conditioned by space and time, clothed, fed, and companioned.

Take note that the Law of Abundance is not a fairy tale, an age of gold, or Eden wherein all that is good is bestowed generously upon a fellow and his gal without effort. Achievement in all endeavors requires diligence and the sweat of a brow – those are the rules of the House! The Law of Abundance, like the Law of Scarcity, is more than an attitude change; it is a deep-seated shift in consciousness. If it takes a lot of work to be miserable then surely work is needed if one is to be happy. Moreover, do not let this deter one from the shift; severe resistance makes for strong bodies, physical and spiritual.

Ultimately, the choice is ours. We may journey toward radiance and the augmentation of our spiritual lives and physical well-being or relinquish our individual sovereignty as the Grand Machine dictates and limp wearily toward spiritual decay and thralldom.

© LogosVox 2013


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