Confession, First & Last

A boy easily distracted
By the tilt of a maiden’s bustle
By falling locks, a pair of legs, and
A stout pint

B’fore the new trend
B’fore the brass totem
(Bear, Wolf, Raven!)

{Trumpet Blast}

There was a tyme
(En the long ago)
When eye wallow’d en shit w/ the best of them
And darkness radiated from my ev’ry pore

{One-Beat Pause}

Eye was so far off the beam then
                 so lost en the game
That eye could not see the angles
Or the lines from which they came

A wealth of unpleasantries, eye bore
Not 2 mention my fair share of  guilt
Not 2 mention my fair share of shame (rightfully mine)

[Aside Thru Cupped Hands.]
Rightfully his!

No serpent 2 accuse  / No scoundrel 2 blame

Just me

B’fore the tune caressed my ear
B’fore eye heard the Song of Brahman
And the waters of grace spilt, from lotus 2 lotus,
Ento the corners of my eyes


The sleepless nites were the worst

{One-Beat Pause}

W/ ev’ry pinch of marrow en my bones,
Eye tried my damndest 2 please friend and foe

4 their amusement, eye conjured daemons w/ a shrug
And woefully sought 2 visit ruin upon  Bodies of Light
Taking up arms against ev’rything enside me
                                            ev’rything good, decent,
And right


There was a tyme
When, unconscionably and habitually, eye hurl’d my Trident ento the Sun,
Raising the most terrible storms, eliminating the most beautiful forms,
And evoking from the horse folk
                       from the fay
Athousand headed monsters!

This is where eye chose 2 live / Dig? And
This is where eye chose 2 lay

{One-Beat Pause}

Until that day (en Paris)
When the Merciful Whore found me wanting and
Her sister, Compassion, found me travailing


Still a boy
Still teething

With ev’rything 2 lose
And not a fuckin’ thing 2 prove

{Two-Beat Pause}

They stopped the bleeding
Then stitched my wounds
And after sometyme (seven moons),
Eye scarred

Four hundred marks, maybe more
(So, eye was told)

[Aside Thru Cupped Hands.]
Ya gotta get up real close!
Can’t see nothin’ from afar!

That’s when eye broke the spell,
Fill’d my goatskin with water from the perennial Well,
And quit putting submission on hold

Submission 2 Love
Submission 2 Beauty
Submission 2 The Song
Submission 2 The Work

© LogosVox 2013

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