The Helen Suite


Amongst The Ruins

Once the unbridled envy of
Realms near and far,

The ramparts of Sparta
Are now
Mere bronze age walls

Walls bleak with soot
And crumbling

Walls surrounded
By lemon groves unattended
And overgrown

{One-Beat Pause}

En the aire of this storied place

Dregs of memory beckon us
To an ancient altar   .   .   .    of
War weary stones

They beckon
And ask for our song,
To shepherd cosmic pow’rs,

Court Mnemosyne
And be strong

To this plea,
We reply

En earnest



Amongst The Angels

What are we to do?

Where are we to find asylum
When the Ground of Being radiates
Thru Ev’rything  and Ev’ryone?

God en all
All en God

What songs are we to sing
When this madness fills our cup?

And fills the Hall?

O! Where are we to dance?

Where are we to raise the huppah
When we are compelled
By a thousand-petaled Rose

To wield a double axe, fall a Tree
And annihilate the Self?

[Aside – The Crows Caw.]





Helen’s Dictum

My Lord
My King

We must kiss
En the Garten
(Standing on our toes)

We must kiss
With our hair tousled
And our eyes closed

My Lord
My King

We must Love Allthings
And Ev’rything

Love Sun
And Moon alike

Love Earth and Skye
And ev’ry black speck
En ev’ry mortal eye

My Lord
My King

We must chop down mountains
We must chop down ant hills

We must suffer their little bites
We must suffer their little stings

My Lord
My King

We must Love

© LogosVox 2013

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