As the poet strives to find his voice in the flow . . . of metre and rime, his early swagger is chipped away slowly by the triumphs and tragedies inherent in the nature of his work. This chipping away continues until he realises, to his astonishment, that he is not the source of his […]


Neither coin nor cask Of the Life, there is much he does not ask He does not seek Pluton Amid the salt of the harbor or the clamor of the market square He petitions it Neither daily with song Nor nightly with prayer Nev’r do his beads caress Gaia’s spine Nev’r is his breath melodiously […]

Arrogance of Love

Stuck en shards of amber, Memories and dreams [Aside.] These dayes it’s difficult to note a difference b’tween the two. To sever To cut them loose One need not be a giant One need not swing heavily the labrys One need only drink from the Virgin’s Well One need not be a rajah to boast […]


A Latin maid fair W/ eyes 2 drink & beauty 2 spare Her lips part (w/ great tenderness) Hark! She speaks (w/ much joye) & the World, 4 those w/ ears 2 hear, STOPS! © LogosVox 2013