BuddhaPrayer Nr.2

Awakened One Perfect One Radiant One We are all doing what we think we ought 2 and We are all losing ground (losing faith) Tho’ we hold the mala Tho’ we recite the hallowed refrains Until their syllables, en our throats, quake [Aside.] Whatever it takes, mama / Whatever it takes 4 Nag 2 enflate […]

The Ballad of Tyshawn Lee

Little boy Dead & gone Tyshawn Lee The chi-streets of Chi-town Do not burn 4 thee (& they nev’r will) 4 Black boys like you Tyshawn Lee Black boys Who are born w/ a tin-plated spoon En the wrong city En the wrong skin Black boys Who are taught how 2 hustle & lie low […]