What If? (Pts 3 & 4 of 4)

III But what if . . . What if we fell 2 our knees (at the mouth a dry river bed) With beads thru our fingers thread And songs, prayers, and mantras en our throats? What if we did not waver? What if we stood firm and chose sovereignty over fear? What if WE waged […]

What If? (Pts. 1&2 of 4)

I Once admired, Even fiercely adored Their balefyre of hope (At present a prophet of doom) Is rolled out Standing atop his broken dais, He is true 2 form 2 the letter of the ghost script, he sticks! And does as he is told Ev’ry bat of the eye Ev’ry contortion of the jaw Ev’ry […]

The Ballad of Ev’ryman Pt.1

En a perfect World, Ev’ryman’s childhood is an Age of Gold Wherein the sum of creation is beheld Thru lenses tinted rose In Illo Tempore It is an Age en which Grandfather nev’r takes 2 his bed And the Junky plays it straight {Tapping A Good Vein On The Lower Left Arm – Twice} Clean […]

Thou Shalt Love

We all appear so grand Amidst the game We use the right words We attend the right schools We drop the right names (the heaviest of the heaviest hitters) And suffer the right fools We shop at the right markets We drink the right libations We eat from the right plates And use the right […]


These are new revelations, Olde, abandoned diamond mines W/ new expectations Drums strike! Trumpets blare! Cymbals crash! And voices, exquisitely raised, reach Palaces on high Nev’r mind the smoldering cinders Of a once great love / Now, hopelessly lost Nev’r mind those Mongers of War W/ too much sand and blood on their hands Nev’r […]


As the poet strives to find his voice in the flow . . . of metre and rime, his early swagger is chipped away slowly by the triumphs and tragedies inherent in the nature of his work. This chipping away continues until he realises, to his astonishment, that he is not the source of his […]

What If? / Prologue

Their voices clear Their presuppositions, strong & persuasive So much so, eye consider the argument of the Realists And its journalistic appeal Put away the tripe! Put away these enfantile notions, Your dreams crowding the nite W/ star-fill’d oceans & elephants trampling skyes underfoot You wore the cynic’s coat once (You looked good en it […]