BuddhaPrayer Nr.2

Awakened One Perfect One Radiant One We are all doing what we think we ought 2 and We are all losing ground (losing faith) Tho’ we hold the mala Tho’ we recite the hallowed refrains Until their syllables, en our throats, quake [Aside.] Whatever it takes, mama / Whatever it takes 4 Nag 2 enflate […]


En this Kali Yuga En this Age of Degeneration En this Age of Iron En this Age of Contraction En this Age of Scarcity En this splintered age En this Age of Division En this suffering age En this Age of Fear En this soul-less age En this Age of Thralldom En this dark age […]

New Atlantis / Darkness

New Atlantis En this Age of Degeneration En this Age of Iron New Atlantis burns And its citizenry is under siege By vandals who have sworn 2 their liege, Stables and ramparts Of stained glass and carbon steel shall fall! New Atlantis burns And its barrister kings, Content w/ excessive posturing Content w/ feeding souls […]

Mater (Refitted 4 Twenty-Sixteen)

Most confident – Eye set sail bravely upon cosmic oceans, Splash mud puddles, & conquer distant starry skies My world (the world shining brightly at her feet) is a world of untold possibilities A world populated w/ painted ponies & bowls of porridge A world brimming w/ ballrooms, beanstalks, & gingerbread men Eye am innocence, […]

Soma from the Well: Gustav Meyrink

I warn you about this while I recommend it because it is the only thing a person should do and at the same time the heaviest sacrifice one can make – you must call on the innermost core of your being, the core without which you would be a lifeless corpse (or not even that), […]

Little Anna

All ponytail, poodle skirt, bobby socks, and saddle shoes, Little Anna (school books tucked under her right arm) Ignores the school bell’s third and final toll [Aside.] To hell with punctuality! Sheepishly, she approaches a herder boy And he, quite smitten with the dark look of her eyes, Lends her his ear Do whatever it […]